Check Out My FAQs

How many dogs will you walk together?

We keep our groups to a maximum of 4 dogs per walker, sometimes 2 groups may be walked together with multiple walkers.

Where will my dog be walked?

We always use our secure property as a base for our walks but will venture into the Forest of Dean itself for longer walks as our property borders directly into it.

My pet needs to go to the vet. Can you take them?

Yes we can offer a take to the vet or groomers service within the period of your booked session.

How will I know what my dog has done on his walk?

We will have a "track my walk" service available so you know exactly where and for how long your dog has been walked. We will also keep a record of each walk your dog does so you can keep track of how much exercise they are getting over a period of time.

Will you accept exempt breeds?

Yes we accept exempt breeds and have a dedicated enclosed dog walking area ideal for them to run freely.

Do you have experience with exotic pets?

Yes we have experience with exotic pets. We would be happy to care for any exotic or rare animal including reptiles.